“It’s Inevitable: Soon We Will All Be Gamers.” – Rob Fahey

In her book, Reality Is Broken” Jane McGonigal points out that some U.S. politicians have proposed to start heavily taxing video games, but have they really thought this through? Video games are not tobacco and alcohol. They will not give us cancer or sclerosis of the liver.

What would happen if the government did impose a hefty tax on games?  I think this proposal could actually bite them in the butt; for some kids gaming is what keep them out of trouble.  Maybe they aren’t really good at playing football in reality, but they thrive at it virtually. Instead of constantly condemning, why not really examine why kids are playing the games that they are playing and try to understand what they are getting from playing games? Maybe this virtual world offers them a chance to excel at something whereas the real world does not. Do they really feel a sense of community or connection with others by playing video games?

So all of this makes me wonder, if the divide between gamers and non gamers is getting smaller and smaller is it inevitable that we will have a world of gamers?


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