This week I have been working on concept sketches and just ideas in general for my Project #1.  After discussing this with my professor I decided to make an interactive choosemyplateflash project.


This project will be a combination of the techniques that we have learned thus far, merging them to create one big interactive project. Our classmates are to critique us on our projects which will be a different turn of events. I am beginning to get use to them critiquing my artwork and such but my flash projects are a different beast all together.

I am feeling a little angst about this particular assignment (not that I don’t feel dread with all the others), hoping that I can pull off making this thing do what it’s supposed to do in the time that I have.  I have moments when I get excited and I think I have it, and then there is the reality when I put my plan in motion and it doesn’t quite work out. Still, I’m optimistic that this assignment (like all of the ones before it) will work the way it’s supposed to…it HAS to failure is NOT an option! In the end, whether it works properly or not the decision is up to my classmates if I will get the stamp of approval or not.


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