This week I was so excited to learn what I consider my first “game” in Adobe Flash.  We learned “Drag and Drop” and I decided to give a nod to “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears”. The basic concept: drag Goldie to one of the three beds displayed until she found the bed that was “just right”.

Drag and Drop

For some reason I kept getting this crazy error message about ButtonMode and static flash and I had no idea what I was doing wrong.  I had my stops in place and my Action Script was perfect, but still this stupid message kept popping up.  So I decided to start over, thinking maybe something was corrupted (crazy I know) or something.  Still the SAME message!  Finally, I had one of my classmates to look at it, after comparing my Action Script to his he could not find anything wrong with it. So, he decided to play it again and it worked!! I asked him to show me what he did and he said that he didn’t he do anything to it.  Go figure.

I love flash but I secretly think it’s conspiring against me to drive me even more crazy than I already am. Oh well, on to the next assignment.


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