Danah Boyd

I really appreciated Danah Boyd’s e-journal Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What? but I wonder if the suggestions she has proposed will really be accepted by adults (parents, teachers, etc.)? Also, if adults do decide to do this how receptive will the youth be?

Eva Galperin

After reading Facebook Users Brace for Site Redesign, written by Eva Galperin and A Case for Pseudonyms,

Jillian C. York

written by Jillian C. York, it makes me wonder if Facebook is trying to hide behind the façade that using real names creates a more civil environment? Have they not heard of cyber-bullying? Where do they think cyber-bullying is happening? In the streets? At school?  On other social networking sites? Not only that, it makes me question what’s the real reason Facebook want people to use their real names? I really doubt it’s to prevent stalking and harassment.


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