To Post or Not to Post…?

I have always been a private person, keeping my cards very close to my vest. So I never understood why people would allow complete strangers into their lives.  Yes, I understand the carelessness of youth, but yet again I was never the typical young person. Though, I can give young people the benefit of the doubt.  What do they really know about the repercussion of disseminating too much personal information? It’s a part of being young to want to rebel against “the system”. But what about adults who share their personal information on SNS? Shouldn’t they know better?

Eva Galperin

This morning we had a chat with Eva Galperin via Skype and the discussion was quite an eye-opening experience for some of my classmates. They did not know that their pictures could tell their exact location and that there are sites on the web that dispenses information regarding their income, education level, address, and race. Only God (and Google, Facebook, Twitter and of course the government) knows what else is floating around in “cyberspace” for those who are savvy enough to retrieve the information.  Oh, and forget about deleting it so that it will not longer exist. Don’t you know that all of the information you post on the internet is remains there for the world to see? Delete does not exist in its vocabulary.

The internet allows us to share even more than people care to know about us. Yet, we continue to force-feed our whereabouts, who we were with, why we were there and our thoughts about the location/event/thing/person(s). Has no one ever given any thought to the fact that person could steal your identity from the information you share online? For example, security question #1 from your bank/credit card, etc.: What’s your mother’s maiden name? Oh look! You have your mom listed as your “friend” on FB and she’s listed by her maiden name. How nice of you to share that information with the world. Security question #2: What’s your date of birth? You get the picture.

Now, FB is launching Timeline! So now your posts and pictures can become the gift that keeps on giving. Giving that company you are dying to get an interview with, the impression that you’re a heavy drinker, with family issues and who thinks your supervisor is an incompetent boob. Good luck securing an interview with that company or any other company trolling your profile.

Thanks Facebook!


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