How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

I know I have complained about my relationship with Flash in the past because it’s so unpredictable; well, I’ve come to realize that it’s Action Script that I really hate.  Action Script is like that annoying habit that your boyfriend has that is the reason you two just can’t get along.  Not putting down the toilet seat, loud bodily sounds, biting his toes…you get the picture.  If it wasn’t for Action Script Flash and I would have pure perfection!  Unfortunately, Action Script is needed in order for Flash to exist. Sigh! And Ugh!

This week the game I created is find the perfect pet!  Again I am working with Dynamic text, Input text and Static text. So you type in the pet you want and you are given advice as to whether or not this is a good pet for you. I must say that I liked it! I think it’s funny and the player is only limited by her/his imagination. So, find your perfect pet!

Cobras make great snuggle buddies!


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